Highland Beast

Highland Beast

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“The Vampire Hunter”

As the last surviving member of her family of witches, Beatrix Levenach must protect the townspeople from the vampires who stalk the land. But when her life is placed in danger, she receives help from Alder the White–a vampire from the clan responsible for wiping out her ancestors over a century ago. With no other choice, Beatrix accepts Alder’s help. And when they discover an all-consuming passion, they  must make the ultimate sacrifice for an eternal love…

Product Details

Available: April 1, 2007
Publisher: Zebra Books
ISBN-10: 0821780077
ISBN-13: 978-0821780077

Reviews for Highland Beast

“This vampire anthology is composed of stories by three of the genre’s most respected authors…”The Vampire Hunter,” Grothaus’ exciting tale, revolves around Beatrix, the lone surviving white witch on the Highlands. Beatrix’s faith in a seemingly magical man’s strength of character and support lead to a gratifying conclusion.” – RT Book Reviews